"Discover the Power of Understanding Hormones and Metabolism for Client Results and Never Have to Turn Away or Lose Another Client Again…"

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"My first thought was, “Wow this guy can overdeliver…” -Anthony S.

Here's Just Some of What You're Getting Today Inside the Metabolism Blueprint Audiobook Today...

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The Fat Loss Fallacy

Discover the biggest myths out there that are keeping your clients from getting lean!

Hormones Defined & Simplified

Understanding how to help balance your client's Hormones can drastically change everything!  You will finally know how!

Circadian Rhythm

Sleep is EVERYTHING!  Here's how to help your clients drastically improve their zzz's!

Thyroid Health

You know very well that the health of the thyroid is crucial not only for health, but also body composition. Listen in as I explain how to address many thyroid issues.

Application of the P3 Model

Start utilizing my P3 Model in your client's lives and watch their results soar and your coaching business expand!

And Much Much More...

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"Sam is a wealth of knowledge." - Mike M.

Who Is Sam Miller?

After a life changing traumatic brain injury Sam has spent the last 14 years separating the truth from the garbage, and sharing his quest for health, fitness and nutrition knowledge with the world. Sam built his reputation as an online coach, educator, and mentor dedicated to providing simple, yet strategic ways to amplify your results either as a coach or in your own transformation. 

Sam has been featured as a 2x Fortune 500 Speaker at companies like Linkedin. He has also been a masterclass instructor for top certifications like Nutritional Coaching Institute and in 2019 alone, Sam guided and mentored 100+ coaches.

In addition to his practical coaching and mentorship experience he has been featured as a contributor, content creator, or guest for brands like Barbell Shrugged, T-Nation, Elite FTS, Next Level Human, and the Primal Health Coach Institute!

In short, Sam Miller is extremely passionate about his craft!

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Here's What Other Coaches in The Industry Have to Say About Sam's Guidance...

"Sam's understanding of the metabolism & men's health in general is amazing!" - Bob B.

If you don't like the Metabolism Blueprint for any reason at all, even if you don't like the sound of my voice or you feel it doesn't deliver on my promises, I don't want your money!  You have a full 14 days to listen to it and get a refund if you don't like it!

In fact, I'll not only give you back your
money, but you can keep the audiobook and use it how you'd like!

Jordan Dugger

"His understanding of the endocrine system, training, and nutrition is only exceeded by his ability to communicate it in a easily understandable format. This is a MUST HAVE for any fitness nerd."

Lacey Dunn

"Sam does a thorough, deep dive into both physiology, symptoms, and root causes of common hormonal, adrenal, & thyroid imbalances. From nutrition and training, to supplementation, the guidance & education within this book serves as a gold mine of knowledge for any coach or individual interested in maximizing their health & well being."

Austin Current

"A complete and comprehensive guide to applying and understanding practical solutions with your clients' physiology. Sam has taken one of the most misunderstood areas of managing someone's health and made it easy to understand and apply with confidence."

p.s. If you're like me you probably just scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see if this was worth your time... I get it!

Look, one of the biggest problems we face as Coaches is keeping our clients. As you know, if you could simply retain your clients by getting them better results, you wouldn’t have to keep getting new clients all the time as the money keeps coming in every single month. While new clients are nice to have, what’s even better is getting clients from referrals of those that you helped.

And that’s where Metabolism Blueprint comes in. I developed the Metabolism Blueprint audiobook at a very affordable price ($1.99) for one main reason. To help you gain the knowledge that will get your clients the best results possible so that they never even think about looking for another coach or worse yet, another instagram “celebrity” coach pushing more misinformation at them.

If you are looking to finally get the “right” information on why some of your clients are not getting the results that they want, then this audiobook will change your coaching business forever!

Joelle Cavagnaro

"Sam has provided the perfect balance of education content, as well as intervention strategies, to assist your current or future clientele. Highly recommend, regardless of your status as a coach, client, or athlete!"

William Grazione

"Sam manages to clearly explain complex topics and present them in an applicable fashion for everyone to gain a ton of value, and apply it to their clients or themselves. The results of your clients and your health depends on you knowing this information."
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